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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wild Venison Sandwiches

Wild game is a healthy and sustainable food (this is assuming that the game is only hunted legally).  Since ours is not a family of hunters, we only have wild game when friends share.  Here's a good way to enjoy it!

Place 1 pound per 3 servings of venison into the crockpot.  Pour a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (We like Black Horse Savory Gluten Free) over it.  Cook on low for about 4 hours or until you can shred/pull it apart with a couple forks.

Shred using two forks.

Serve on whole wheat bread or buns spread with homemade mayo and an organic garden salad.

By preparing your wild game this way, you lose much of that wild flavor that some don't enjoy.  This is a perfect game day meal... throw it in in the morning and enjoy it once you actually have time!

*Don't overcook or it becomes tough.  
**Go here for a great mayo recipe.
***Buns in the picture are not healthy... I sent Teengirl to the market for them. :)

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