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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Private Affair

Who doesn't love FREE STUFF? I sure do! Recently, I won A Private Affair over at Project M.

The game just arrived and I'm excited to share it with my husband. You can get your very own A Private Affair for $34.99 (I think it counts as a date night, except this expense will see you through many date nights). My current date night budget is $100/month.  Since date nights are essential to any marriage and should be made a priority, we allow enough of a budget for one a week. Maybe we will invent another fund to slip date night leftovers into... you know, for those times when we stay in or save money by finding a free event.

I took this photo of my actual game... I cheated a tiny bit and flipped through a few of the cards (the game recommends not peeking in advance so both partners are surprised by the questions).  Each card has a thought or question on it... the purpose is to get couples talking.   I won't share the details here but I can bet this "game" will help improve any marriage.

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