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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's on a Budget

We don't do a whole lot for VDay... it's been too commercialized. That said, we do try to make it fun for the kids and at least a bit special for the adults.

I usually give each of the children a small gift... this year, it's 12" stuffed bears that are holding the words, "I LOVE YOU". I got them on sale for $2.99 each.

For Hubs, I found a package of chocolate dipped potato chips... sounds gross, I know. Evidently he had some at a work party a while back and said they were surprisingly delicious.

The kids made their own valentine cards. This year we made recycled heart shaped crayons... you can read my article over at Eco Child's Play. Total cost... $8.00 (for 5 children's classroom cards).

We will stay at home on VDay... I am planning a love themed meal. We will set the table with the lace tablecloth, add some candles, and heart shaped place mats (cut from construction paper). We will be serving sparkling pink lemonade in wine glasses, heart shaped biscuits with mini turkey burgers tucked inside and heart shaped home cut baked fries.

My total cost for this VDay celebration (including classroom trading cards) for a family of 7...

$14.95 gifts
$4.99 Hubs Treat
$2.99 Sparkling pink lemonade
$8.00 heart shaped baking/crayon mold

We already have the nice table ware, linens, candles and plenty of art paper around for making decorations/place mats. $0

We eat dinner every day... so that's not an additional cost. I'll be making soaked whole wheat biscuits cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter we already own. Then I'll patty up 2 lbs of ground turkey that I purchased for $.99/lb. I'll add some heart shaped slices of cheese (don't worry, I'll save the scraps for Monday's daycare lunch). 3 lbs of potatoes will run about $.60. This definitely still fits into our normal dinner budget.

The kids will spend today writing love notes to each of their siblings, and if we are lucky, they will also write them to Mama and Daddy. I give them the guidelines of finding at least two things about each sibling to appreciate in the letters.

Since we are Oregonians tried and true, we also celebrate Oregon's Birthday, this year we celebrate 151 years of statehood. My family has been here since before Oregon was part of the United States, so we feel a special sense of connection and pride! So, our VDay dessert will be a Happy Birthday Oregon cake. This Birthday celebration opens up lots of learning opportunities which we use as a topic for discussion at dinner.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday, Oregon!

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