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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent... a Time of Reverance and Repentance

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Our family will be attending Mass and beginning our Lent journey.

I will be giving up caffeine. This is a big one for me! I'm addicted to soda and coffee. I'm sure there will be some migraines in the next few days, but we will get through it! *Sigh*.

The children are giving up sweets, or at least candy. This will be difficult, because, well, they are kids and like most children they love their sweets.

I feel strongly that the children need to attend the Mass tomorrow night. This will enable them to move toward a full understanding of our faith and this special season. We give up food as a sacrifice to help us remember and ponder on the ultimate sacrifice, our Lord Jesus. Each time I crave a soda or a steaming cup of coffee, I will reflect on a much larger sacrifice. This is a time for sacrifice, fasting, and prayer.

My focus during Lent on this blog will continue to be on our food, however we will be practicing some dietary changes, such as no Meat on Friday's. Hopefully I can still pull off fish and vegetarian meals that both fit our budget and keep my omnivore husband happy.

I'm also shopping for First Communion dresses (and lots of accessories) for two of my daughters, Kaylee and Kenzie. I have a feeling this will not be a frugal endeavor because this sacrament is a once in a lifetime experience and I don't want to place my focus on frugality when it needs to be on the solemnity of the occasion. I frequently have to remind myself that frugality, like anything else can become a hindrance to faith in the way of a false God if I allow it to completely consume or over shadow my Spiritual life.

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