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Friday, January 8, 2010

Frugal or Not?

Here's my grocery haul from last night. Good deal or no?

Obviously... there are some items (ahem... Rockstar) that are not necessary and could be skipped... however, hubs doesn't think he can live without them. He drinks 2 per day, usually we buy in a 24 count pack at Costco... however, we spend a FORTUNE at Costco and I'm currently in the mindset that we may actually spend less on food if we stop shopping at Costco and hit the loss leaders at our local grocers. So, even if the Rockstar is a quarter more each, it may not be a bad trade. I still can't give up my morning coffee with creamer... although I know I need to. However, buying a 32 oz creamer at our local market is $4.59. Last night, I was able to get a 16 oz for $1.24 ($2.48 per 32 oz).

4 boxes cereal ($1.49 each)
2 gallons milk ($1.99 each)
4 cans peaches ($1.00 each)
2 cans clam chowder ($1.00 each)
1- 5 lb bag King Arthur Whole White Wheat Flour ($5.15... not a good deal!)
2 Diet Rockstars (Daddy must have...)
1- 18 count eggs ($2.29)
2- 1/2 gallon orange juice (2 for $3.00)
1- 3 lbs organic Fuji apples ($2.99)
1- 3 lbs organic Granny Smith apples ($2.99)
4- 16 oz chocolate caramel coffee creamer ($1.24 each)
2- 1 lb organic baby carrots ($1.00/lb)
1- 8 pk organic kids yogurt ($2.99 not cheap compared to large carton, however easier for school lunch)
1 loaf of bread ($1.79)
1- family pack 5.63 lbs ground beef ($1.59/lb in family pack)
1- 10 lb organic potatoes ($1.39)
1- 2 lbs cheddar cheese ($4.99)

Item count= 31 Price total= $62.51 (One store, no coupons)

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